TerribleOne Windchime

And I’m going to say this again, because it needs to be said, we have some pretty talented friends out there ! This week we will be auctioning off the second, very amazing, one of a kind creation. . . The proceeds will all be going to our favorite mad man’s medical recovery fund, Sean Burns. For those of you that don’t know, Sean had a horrific accident recently that left with him with a major spinal injury. Despite the mountain in front of him, Sean has been digging deep and making major progress. With recently being to take some first steps walking again. Thank fucking goodness ! He still has a long road a head of him, and the bills will not stop coming. So we are just trying to help a little

This is something that’s almost impossible to put a value on. Because there is so much combined energy and history wrapped up into this custom wind chime, created by our good friend, Adrian Scatton. Created from an assortment of past, heavily ridden T-1 frames, along with an actual piece cut from one of the transition templates from the T-1 ramp. As well as some Adrian’s own hand made pieces . . . themed specifically with Mr Sean Burns in mind. I’m almost without words. So dark, so beautiful . . .To put it bluntly, this thing fucking rules. This auction will last one week, and end at Midnight on May 14th.

I’ve done an auction via IG once before, and learned a few things. So hopefully this works. T-1 will place the first bid on the wind chime, and if you would like to place a bid, please do so by replying to our specific “bid comment”. This will make it easy to track, and see what the other bids are. If you want to leave some words about the mug, then just leave a normal comment. I’m doing the auction via IG, so that there are no fees that would take a cut of the money. Such as ebay. After the auction ends, I will dm you to sort out the payment. Thank you for taking the time to check this out, and for supporting Sean. Cheers – Joe


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