Yesterday we received the very sad news about the passing of Scotty Mescal. Please take a minute to sign this petition. RIP.

“Scotty Mescal gave his all to the skateboarding and BMX communities. Scotty was known for that in Austin and around the world. He was a motivator, a big brother, a friend and a selfless person. He helped people reach the impossible by supporting them through skateboarding and BMX and he put other people before himself throughout his life. He recently succumbed to Covid-19 and lost his life to it. We don’t want him to be just another statistic. We can’t let him be forgotten because he never forgot about anyone. Let’s get enough signatures and make a case to rename House Skatepark after him. Let’s continue his legacy of spreading positivity and kindness by renaming the park in his honor. He isn’t a statistic, he was Scotty Mescal.”

Rename House Skatepark to Scotty Mescal Skatepark